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woman practicing Muay Thai drills

Why Cardio Kickboxing Drives Physical and Mental Fitness

Fitness is about much more than losing belly fat or building bulging arm muscles. While the outer body changes are important, working out with cardio kickboxing pushes whole body fitness […]

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man lifting kettle bells

4 Things You Should Expect from Fitness Boot Camp

The term “boot camp” brings up images of hardcore training and a drill instructor style coach yelling at a line of people to work harder and get that sweat. There’s […]

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Boot Camp: Michael Jackson Edition

ASD On Demand Presents Boot Camp: Michael Jackson Edition! For the first 45 minutes Coach Jivoni Jordan plays some of his favorite Michael Jackson songs as he gets your blood […]

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Do you have what it takes to win?

Winning, Losing, and Trying… Coach Jivoni Jordan talks about the differences between the three. Jivoni Jordan has been involved in combative arts and sports for over 35 years. As a […]

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Challenge Yourself with Coach J’s Warmup!

*30 second intervals Jumping Jacks Skip Rope Side Jump Squats Jump Lunges Push Ups Knee Push Ups Repeat as many times as you can!

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Too Many Mind

Anyone who has trained with Coach Jivoni Jordan, has heard him say countless times, “Too Many minds…” Ever wonder where this comes from? And what does it even mean? Coach […]

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Why Train, Why do Martial Arts?

There are many reasons! Here’s what Jivoni Jordan has to say… Jivoni Paul Jordan has been involved in combative arts and sports for over 35 years. As a student, fighter, […]

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Have you every found yourself asking why? Why are you here? Why doubt yourself? Why be a victim?

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