Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get started with starting online classes?

If it's your first time, you get a FREE 3-Class Pass! (Sign Up Here) Once you sign up, you can register for our online classes. You can view our online schedule here: CLICK HERE.

How do I start my 3-Class Pass?

After you fill out the registration from, to start your first online class, just register for the classes you want to attend by going to our schedule (click here). Find the class you want to attend, and click on the registration link to register. After you register, you will get a confirmation email detailing how to access the online class.

Do I need gear to participate in class?

No! But if you have gear that's great! Some of our classes use dumb bells, kettlebells or boxing gloves--- but if you don't have them then that's okay too. You can use substitute weights that are around your house, such as water bottles, can goods, backpacks (filled with desired weight), pillow cases, couch cushions, pillows, etc.

How much is membership?

Online membership price is $39 per month. Online membership gives you access to all of our online classes as well as all of our on demand content!

I am a beginner, are these classes good for me?

Of course! We've structured our classes in a way that even as a beginner you can come in and start your fitness journey or start on your goal of learning self defense. Whatever your goal may be, we have classes that will meet your needs.

What should I wear to class?

Please feel free to wear anything you feel comfortable working out in. Normal workout attire is sufficient.