Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai is known as the "The Art of Eight Limbs" as the hands, shins, elbows, and knees are all used extensively in this art. It is an aggressive contact sport that in addition to its stand-up striking focus also involves various clinching techniques.

Develop the Confidence of a Champion

Dive into the historic world of Muay Thai Kickboxing with Academy of Self Defense’s Muay Thai Kickboxing training videos. Our Muay Thai Kickboxing technique videos make such a good workout due to Muay Thai’s conditioning exercises that focus on a whole body workout including abdominal exercises, leg movements, and calisthenics. These Muay Thai Kickboxing class videos are a great cardiovascular workout that will leave you physically engaged while never asking you to leave the comfort of your home.

The Art of Eight Limbs

Muay Thai, known as “The Art of Eight Limbs”, is a combat sport that focuses on total body conditioning. Wonderful for interested students of all ages, the high-intensity Muay Thai technique videos focus mostly on the knees, hands, elbows, and shins as tools for aggressive contact. They provide students with increased flexibility, lean muscle mass, and a cardio workout that we know they’ll love. Learn more about “The Art of Eight Limbs” with our trusted Muay Thai Kickboxing training videos.

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Academy of Self Defense is one of the only fitness academies to offer both in-person and online resources for interested students to learn about self defense, martial arts, and workout opportunities. Besides Muay Thai Kickboxing, you can explore videos and classes in these programs:

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We believe self defense resources should be affordable and accessible to everyone, which is why our membership includes so much at a great monthly price point. Whether you’re looking for Muay Thai training videos or simply a great workout of the day tutorial, explore the Academy’s class schedule and hardworking instructors to learn more about everything an Academy of Self Defense membership has to offer.

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