The 300 program is an intense and dynamic workout experience that will help you achieve functional strength, build endurance, and improve your overall health. This program consists of 12+ workout stations, ranging from TRX workouts and agility ladders to kettlebells, barbells, power towers, rowing machines, ECHO bikes and more!  Each session will push you further than before, helping you reach your fitness goals and gain results. So don't wait - join ASD 300 today and be part of something special!

ASD Unlimited
per month
$119 USD
Access to all classes: Krav Maga, Muay Thai,
Hapkido, Escrima,
Boot Camp, GRIT,
Box&Bells, 300,
& Muay Thai HIIT.
Access to all online classes
Access 5000+ On Demand Videos
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Online Unlimited
per month
$39 USD
Includes 14-Day FREE trial
Access all online classes & programs:
JCF Cardio Kickboxing, Boot Camp,
Fighter Fit, GRIT,
Krav Maga, & VKM Kids.
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Online Belt Testing for Krav Maga
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Meet the ASD 300 Instructors

portrait of an african american male

Jivoni Jordan

Director of Training

Jivoni Jordan has been involved in combative arts and sports for over 35 years. As a student, fighter, coach and teacher, some of his training disciplines include Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, San Shou, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Krav Maga. Jivoni is also a very accomplished combative fitness instructor and has developed his own program, JCF® (Jivoni's Combo Fit). Jivoni is also a world class fight coach and trainer with clients ranging from law enforcement officers, triathletes, NFL players, and world champion fighters.

portrait of a smiling man with a beard

James Krause

ASD Instructor, Personal Trainer

James has been coming to ASD since 2014. He started in the GRIT program, has his Orange belt in Vanguard Krav Maga, and has competed in Muay Thai Kickboxing as well. In addition to being a GRIT, Boot Camp, 300, Box&Bells, Krav Maga Kids, and Krav Maga instructor, he also is an experienced personal trainer.