ASD Fighter Fit

Challenge yourself to be #ASDSTRONG!!! ASD Fighter Fit is a strength and conditioning workout that will get your cardio going while strengthening and building all your muscle groups.

Get a Fighter's Workout Without the Fight!

While the Academy of Self Defense wants you to feel prepared to protect yourself in at-risk scenarios, we also provide workouts to get you in the best shape of your life. You don’t have to be in a boxing match to train like a fighter to reach your fitness goals. Academy of Self Defense’s combat cardio strength training videos give students the ability to gain confidence in their striking combatives to defend themselves while providing reliable online strength training at the same time.

Interactive live-streaming fitness & strength training workouts

ASD Fighter Fit (AFF) classes provide a great conditioning workout that will elevate your performance to the next level. With a focus on combative movements and regimented strength training, the ASD Fighter Fit program will not only get you into great shape, it will get you prepared for anything life throws your way. Our extensive collection of combat cardio strength training videos provides dependable online strength training in the comfort of your own home. Simply choose which online programs will best serve your goals and join in on our intense full-body workouts at Academy of Self Defense.

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ASD Fighter Fit Combat Strength Fitness Program

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  • 4 Live ASD Fighter Fit Classes a Week
  • 139 Videos on Demand: Classes and WODs
  • Beginner to Advanced Levels & Techniques
  • Train Like a Fighter without Having to Step into the Ring
  • Certified and Experienced Instructors
  • No equipment necessary (but you can challenge yourself with added weight resistance)

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Get into the Best Shape of Your Life with AFF!

Combining fighting moves such as punches, kicks, elbows, & knees with strength and conditioning exercises is the perfect combinations that burns more calories than traditional workouts. You can burn as many as 1000 calories per class.

Interactive live-streaming fitness and strength training wrokouts

Full body workouts that will get your heart rate up and tone and build muscle strength

At home training that you can access anytime and anywhere 24/7

No experience necessary! This class is good for beginner and advanced levels.

Meet the ASD Fighter Fit Instructors

Krav Maga Instructor Portrait of Shayne Herrera

Shayne Herrera

ASD Fighter Fit Instructor

silhouette of a portrait head

Serra Sullivan

ASD Fighter Fit Instructor

silhouette of a portrait head

Andrea Yip

ASD Fighter Fit Instructor

Krav Maga Instructor Portrait of Shantik

Shantik Azima-Taylor

ASD Fighter Fit Instructor

Videos with ASD On Demand Membership

If you’re looking to build endurance and elevate your conditioning regime, look no further than the trusted online materials at Academy of Self Defense. We have an impressive collection of cardio strength training videos, WOD videos, martial arts demonstrations, and more taught by our hardworking trainers. Besides ASD Fighter Fit, with your monthly membership you get access to this exclusive online content:

Krav Maga (Self Defense)

Kids Krav Maga & Fitness

Boot Camp

Jivoni's Combo Fit (JCF)

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Get into the best shape of your life while learning to defend yourself at the same time at Academy of Self Defense. Check out our class schedule today to see which of our online courses is best for you.