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Three primary rules will be taught to encourage good decision-making in threatening or potential "bullying" situations:

  1. Avoid fighting at all costs.
  2. If someone does attack you, defend yourself to the best of your abilities.
  3. Never cause more harm to your attacker than is necessary to protect yourself.


All Youth participants must be between 7-12 years old.


All White Jiu-Jitsu Gi (not Taekwondo), Two (2) Academy of Self Defense t-shirts

In addition to anti-bullying techniques, fitness will also be emphasized in the program. Circuit training style workouts, obstacle courses, problem solving and critical thinking skills will also be incorporated.

The weekly training schedule will typically but not always consist of one day of self defense, a day focused on fitness, obstacle courses, or problem solving challenges, and the last training day consisting of both concepts.

To maintain a disciplined and respectful martial arts environment participants will wear an all white gi (kimono) with a belt and an ASD t-shirt. More often than not the children will train in a t-shirt but wear a martial arts belt to distinguish what level they’ve attained in the program. (Advancement distinguishes what Level the student has attained within the ASD program and does not transfer to a belt in another martial art.) Testing will take place for students to demonstrate their self defense techniques, fitness progression, and problem solving skills.

Advancement in levels will also be based on class attendance, enthusiasm, participation, and good conduct in and out of the ASD program.

August 2019 Youth Self Defense & Fitness Curriculum

Week 1

Thursday, August 1: Backfall/Front Fall into Side Position, 2 Handed Get Up, Turn & Run
Saturday, August 3: Open & Closed Guard, Scissor Sweep

Week 2

Monday, August 5: Headlock from the side
Tuesday, August 6: Backfall / Turn and Run
Wednesday, August 7: Forwards/Backwards Roll
Thursday, August 8: Inside Defense / Parry, Headlock from teh Side
Saturday, August 10: Outside 360 Defense, Defense from Shove/Pull from Behind

Week 3

Monday, August 12: Inside Defense / Parry
Tuesday, August 13: Forearm Jamming, Head Stuff
Wednesday, August 14: Outside 360 Defense, Sprawl
Thursday, August 15: Bear hug from front/behind hands free
Saturday, August 17: Weekly Recap

Week 5

Monday, August 26: Escape from Wrist Grab
Tuesday, August 27: Clap & Clock
Wednesday, August 28: 2 Handed Grab
Thursday, August 29: Shin Kick
Saturday, August 31: Weekly Recap

Week 4

Monday, August 19: Punch Combinations 1-8
Tuesday, August 20: Defense vs Hand Strikes
Wednesday, August 21: Punches, Hooks, Uppercuts, Hammerfists & Movement
Thursday, August 22: Sparring (one for one, using jab only, kicks only)
Saturday, August 24: Weekly Recap

Meet the Youth Self Defense & Fitness Instructors


Shayne Herrera

Youth Self Defense Instructor


James Krause

Youth Self Defense Instructor


Everest Pepper

Youth Self Defense Instructor

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