Whiskey #6

Looking for a fun and challenging workout to kick off your weekend?

Look no further than Whiskey #6! This Tabata-style workout features a mix of punches, kicks, squats, and weightlifting exercises to get your heart rate up and your muscles burning.

Join Coach James at ASD in Santa Clara, California for a lunchtime class today at 12pm. You won’t regret pushing yourself to the limit with this high-intensity workout. See you there!

WOD Format: Tabata WOD: Punches – Sprawls, Kicks – Squats, Sit Ups – Flutter Kicks, KB Deadlifts – KB Swings, Sumo Squats – Upright Rows, Bicep Curls – Shoulder Raises Coach: James Location: ASD, Santa Clara, California Time: Today at 12pm