Get Ready to Shine Bright with “Stardust” WOD!

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on a celestial journey filled with energy, excitement, and sweat? Join us for the extraordinary “Stardust” WOD – a workout that will leave you feeling like a true star!

In “Stardust,” each round is designed to challenge different muscle groups while keeping the fun factor at its peak. Coach Mike has crafted a cosmic combination of movements that will keep you engaged and motivated throughout the entire workout.

Round 1 brings the heat with glute bridges, tricep extensions, and single unders. Feel the burn as you activate those glutes and triceps, and let the single unders take you to new heights like a shooting star!

Round 2 is all about unleashing your inner fighter with body hooks, push-ups, and wall balls. Imagine yourself floating like an astronaut as you execute those powerful hooks and embrace the intensity of each movement.

In Round 3, you’ll be reaching for the stars with head kicks, dips, and mountain climbers. Show off your flexibility and strength as you kick high and conquer the mountain climbers like a fearless explorer!

Round 4 is your grand finale, featuring power punches, pull-ups, and sit-ups. You’ll feel like a star in the spotlight as you power through this dynamic combination of exercises.

Today’s GRIT class at 7 pm with Coach Mike is your chance to shine bright and experience the magic of “Stardust” WOD. Grab your gear, bring your enthusiasm, and let’s light up the sky together!