Get Your Zoomies On with Whiskey WOD #40!

Hey there, Santa Clara Fitness Buffs!

It’s time to turn your midday into a high-energy blast with Whiskey WOD #40: Zoomies! Today at 12 pm, Coach James is gearing up to take you through an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) workout that will have you zooming with energy and excitement.

Here’s Your Zoomies Lineup:

  • TRX Rows: Start each minute with a pull, strengthening your back and arms.
  • Speed Skaters: Glide from side to side, channeling your inner winter Olympian.
  • Wall Balls: A full-body move that’s as fun as it is challenging.
  • Sprints: Dash your way through the minutes, boosting that heart rate.
  • Bagwork: Unleash some power punches for a full-on cardio and strength session.
  • ABS-olutely all the ABS: Finish each round with a minute dedicated to sculpting your core.

This workout is all about speed, agility, and endurance. Every minute brings a new challenge, keeping you on your toes and your energy levels high. Coach James’ dynamic approach and motivational spirit will keep you going, making sure you get the most out of this Zoomies session.

So, ready to get those Zoomies? Grab your water bottle, tie your laces, and head over to the Academy of Self Defense. Let’s make this EMOM workout a midday highlight!