Sweet Emotion

Ride the Wave of ‘Sweet Emotion’ in Tonight’s AMRAP Workout!

Hey Santa Clara Fitness Fans!

Are you ready to channel some ‘Sweet Emotion’ into your workout routine? Tonight at 7 pm, Coach Mike is bringing an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) session that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping and spirits soaring. ‘Sweet Emotion’ is all about combining high-energy moves with the fun of partner workouts.

‘Sweet Emotion’ Workout Plan:

  • 10 Jab, Cross, Hook + Kick: Start with a bang with these high-energy combos.
  • 10 Partner Push-Ups: Team up and push each other, literally!
  • 8 Chin-Ups: Aim high and pull strong.
  • 8 Teep, Cross, Hook: Perfect your kickboxing skills.
  • 12 Partner Sit-Ups: Work those abs with a buddy for extra motivation.
  • 12 Snatch: Power through these for full-body engagement.
  • 14 Lateral Ski Hops: Side-to-side action for agility.
  • 14 Lateral KB Swings: A twist on the classic for core and strength.
  • 45 Sec Assault Bike/Partner Wall Sit: Finish strong with a cardio blast and endurance test.

In this AMRAP challenge, you’ll get to experience the joy of pushing your limits while having a partner to share the journey. Coach Mike’s expertise and energy will guide you through each round, ensuring you get the most out of this dynamic and engaging session.

So, grab a workout partner or team up with someone new, and let’s dive into ‘Sweet Emotion’. It’s more than just a workout; it’s an evening of fun, sweat, and sweet success!