Yosemite WOD: Reach New Heights of Fitness and Fun with Coach Mike!

Get ready to embark on a fitness adventure that’ll make you feel like you’re conquering the heights of Yosemite! Coach Mike is bringing you the exhilarating “Yosemite” WOD in today’s GRIT class, and it’s a journey you won’t want to miss.

The “Yosemite” WOD is all about pushing yourself through a series of challenging exercises, each set with decreasing reps to keep you engaged and motivated. From pull-ups that test your upper body strength to explosive jump squats that get your heart pumping, this workout has it all.

Dips and crunches bring the burn to your core, while knuckle push-ups demand determination and hip thrusters target your glutes for that extra power. And let’s not forget the dynamic 4-punch + sprawl combo that’ll have you feeling like a true fighter.

Coach Mike’s enthusiasm and expertise will guide you through this journey, ensuring you not only sweat it out but also have a blast while doing so. Join us today at 7 pm for the “Yosemite” WOD and experience the joy of reaching new heights in your fitness journey.