Jailbreak WOD: Break Free and Sweat it Out with Coach James!

Are you ready to break free from the ordinary and kick your workout routine up a notch? Coach James has something special in store for you in today’s GRIT class with the “Jailbreak” WOD. Get ready to feel the burn, challenge yourself, and have a blast all at once!

The “Jailbreak” WOD follows a Tabata-style format, bringing you a series of heart-pounding exercises that will push your limits and leave you feeling accomplished. Squat thrusts paired with high knees set the tone, igniting your energy right from the start.

As you power through the rounds, you’ll experience the dynamic combination of elbows and knees, clean & press with curls, burnouts and power punches, sprawling movements followed by push-ups, powerful kicks intertwined with invigorating breath-ups, and the exciting fusion of wall ball tosses and jump squats.

Coach James brings his unique energy and motivation to every class, making sure you’re not just breaking a sweat but breaking through barriers as well. Join us today at 12 pm for an invigorating GRIT class that promises to challenge, uplift, and leave you feeling recharged.