Do you have what it takes to unleash your inner strength and conquer new challenges?

Join us for the Whiskey WOD, a high-intensity workout that will ignite your passion for fitness and leave you feeling empowered. Get ready to take on the exciting challenges alongside Coach James at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA.

The Whiskey WOD is not your average workout. Named after our lively and spirited furry friend, Whiskey, this workout embodies his tenacity and zest for life. Just like Whiskey, we encourage you to push your limits, tap into your inner strength, and let your determination shine through.

The workout begins with three exhilarating sprints, propelling you into an energetic start. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you sprint towards your goals and set the pace for an incredible workout.

Next, you’ll tackle 10 TRX Supermans, a challenging exercise that targets your core and back muscles. Embrace your inner superhero as you lift yourself off the ground and soar to new heights of strength and stability.

Prepare for 20 squat thrusts, a dynamic movement that engages your entire body. Feel the burn as you power through each rep, building endurance and sculpting your muscles.

Ready to test your upper body strength? Get down for 30 pushups and feel the empowering burn in your chest, shoulders, and arms. Embrace the challenge and celebrate each pushup as a step towards your fitness goals.

Grab a kettlebell and conquer 40 powerful swings, activating your posterior chain and boosting your cardiovascular endurance. Swing with confidence, channeling the energetic spirit of Whiskey as you move through each rep.

Unleash your inner fighter with 50 fierce punches, combining speed, power, and precision. Feel the impact as you unleash your energy and boost your cardiovascular fitness.

Step into 40 walking lunges, building strength in your lower body while enhancing balance and coordination. Embrace the journey, one lunge at a time, as you unlock new levels of resilience.

Switch gears with 30 roundhouse kicks, showcasing your agility, flexibility, and martial arts prowess. Embrace the spirit of Whiskey as you deliver each kick with grace and power.

Activate your core with 20 oblique crunches, targeting your side abs and sculpting a strong midsection. Embrace the challenge and feel the transformation as you work towards a more resilient you.

Elevate your training with 10 box jumps, testing your explosive power and lower body strength. Leap fearlessly and land with precision, celebrating each successful jump.

Finish strong with three final sprints, pushing through the finish line and embracing the satisfaction of completing the Whiskey WOD.

Join Coach James today and experience the powerful spirit of the Whiskey WOD. Unleash your inner strength, ignite your passion for fitness, and conquer new heights at the Academy of Self Defense. Embrace the energy and excitement of Whiskey as you unlock your full potential. Cheers to the transformative journey that awaits!