Kennedy’s Remedy

Kennedy’s Remedy: Kick, Hop, Jump, and Crush Your Workout Goals

Looking for a remedy to inject excitement and intensity into your workout routine? Look no further than Kennedy’s Remedy, a high-energy WOD that will push you to new heights and leave you feeling invigorated. Join Coach Johnson at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA, and let’s dive into the action!

Prepare for a full-body workout that combines explosive kicks, dynamic movements, and strength-building exercises. Kennedy’s Remedy is designed to challenge you mentally and physically, providing an opportunity to unleash your inner strength and achieve new levels of fitness.

The workout starts with a series of roundhouse kicks, allowing you to unleash your martial arts skills while engaging your core, lower body, and cardiovascular system. Feel the power and grace as you execute each kick with precision and confidence.

Next up are lateral ski-hops, a fun and challenging exercise that targets your legs and improves agility. Embrace the rhythm and speed as you hop from side to side, elevating your heart rate and building endurance.

Engage your core with sit-ups, a classic exercise that strengthens your abdominal muscles and improves overall stability. Feel the burn and embrace the challenge as you crunch your way to a stronger core.

Elevate your workout with box jumps, a plyometric exercise that tests your explosive power and lower body strength. Leap fearlessly onto the box, celebrating each successful jump as a victory towards your fitness goals.

Challenge your upper body with alligator rows, a unique exercise that targets your back, arms, and core. Embrace the crawl-like motion as you pull your body weight towards the ground, building functional strength and stability.

Fuel your lower body with jump lunges, an intense exercise that activates your leg muscles while improving balance and coordination. Power through each lunge, feeling the energy and momentum as you elevate your fitness levels.

Grab those weights and conquer farmer’s carry, a strength-building exercise that challenges your grip, core, and overall muscular endurance. Feel the burn as you walk with determination, unleashing your inner strength.

Sculpt your biceps with bicep curls, a classic exercise that isolates and strengthens the front of your arms. Embrace the burn as you curl the weights, sculpting strong and defined biceps.

Finish off the workout with double unders, an advanced jump rope exercise that targets your cardiovascular system and coordination. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the rhythm as you master the art of double unders.

Join Coach Johnson today for Kennedy’s Remedy and experience the ultimate remedy for your fitness journey. Push your limits, embrace the challenge, and leave the workout feeling accomplished and revitalized. It’s time to kick, hop, jump, and crush your workout goals!