Whiskey #03

“Whiskey #003” EMOM Challenge – Every Minute, New Intensity!

Hey fitness enthusiasts! Are you ready to spice up your routine? Dive into our latest and greatest workout challenge, the “Whiskey #003” — an Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) workout that promises to keep you on your toes (and sometimes off them!). Designed at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, this session is crafted to boost your strength, agility, and stamina through a series of engaging and varied exercises.

What’s an EMOM?

EMOM workouts challenge you to complete a specific task at the start of every minute for a set number of minutes. It’s a race against the clock each minute to finish your reps and earn whatever rest time remains until the next minute begins. Perfect for building endurance and testing your speed and efficiency, EMOMs can be intense and invigorating!

Meet “Whiskey #003”

Each minute in “Whiskey #003” introduces a new exercise, designed to target different muscle groups and keep every minute interesting and challenging. Let’s break down the movements you’ll conquer:

  1. Minute 1: Bulgarian Split Squats – Start strong by targeting those legs and glutes.
  2. Minute 2: Mountain Climber Arms – Ramp up the cardio while focusing on upper body agility.
  3. Minute 3: Freestyle Bagwork – Unleash your energy on the bag with some high-octane striking.
  4. Minute 4: Leg Lift Hip Thrusters – Combine core activation and hip mobility for a killer midsection move.
  5. Minute 5: KB Squat Thrusters – Get a full-body blast with the dynamic power of kettlebell thrusters.
  6. Minute 6: KB OH Press Into Tricep Extension – Work those shoulders and triceps with a smooth, flowing motion.
  7. Minute 7: Crunches – Hit the abs hard with a classic that never goes out of style.
  8. Minute 8: Banded Back Extensions – Finish strong by fortifying your back muscles with resistance.

How to Win at “Whiskey #003”

  • Stay Prepared: Have all your equipment ready. Transition time eats into your rest!
  • Keep the Pace: Aim to complete each set of exercises with time to spare each minute, maximizing your rest periods.
  • Maintain Form: Quick movements can lead to sloppy form; keep your technique clean to make the most of each minute.
  • Hydrate: Keep water nearby; you’ll need it as the intensity ramps up.

Why Try EMOM?

EMOM workouts like “Whiskey #003” offer structured intensity, helping you focus on speed, precision, and efficiency. They’re perfect for gauging progress over time and can be adjusted for all fitness levels.

Join Us!

Feeling pumped? The Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara invites you to transform your training with “Whiskey #003” and discover how effective EMOM workouts can be. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a fitness newbie, we have something to challenge and excite everyone. Sign up for a free trial class today and start your journey to peak fitness!

Ready to take the challenge? Visit our website at academyselfdefense.com for more details about the “Whiskey #003” and other innovative fitness classes that push the limits of what you thought possible. Embrace the burn, enjoy the gains, and evolve every minute!