Where’d All the Mikes Go

Join the Fun with “Where’d all the Mikes Go?” Tabata WOD!

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! If you’re looking for a WOD that’s as fun as it is challenging, then “Where’d all the Mikes Go?” Tabata is the perfect fit for you! At the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, Coach Shayne is ready to lead you through an exhilarating Tabata workout that will leave you feeling strong, accomplished, and asking for more!

So, what’s this “Where’d all the Mikes Go?” Tabata all about? Let’s break it down:

Tabata workouts are all the rage for a reason—they are efficient and pack a punch! In each round, you’ll work for 20 seconds, giving it your all, followed by a 10-second rest. The cycle repeats, and you’ll tackle a series of dynamic exercises that target different muscle groups.

Push-ups and Walk-outs Feel the burn as you perform push-ups, engaging your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Then, walk your hands out into a plank position for an extra challenge. Can you go the distance?

Russian Twists and Hollow Holds Time to engage that core! Russian twists will work your obliques, while the hollow hold targets your entire abdominal region. Keep that core tight and smile through the burn!

Clean & Press and Waiter Hold Grab a dumbbell and let’s get lifting! Clean & press will challenge your full-body strength, and the waiter hold adds a stability challenge that’ll leave you feeling like a champ.

Double Crunches and Leg Lifts Bring out the abs again! Double crunches will hit your upper and lower abs, while leg lifts target those lower abdominals. Let’s sculpt that six-pack!

Rows and Tricep Press Time to focus on the upper body! Rows will strengthen your back and biceps, and the tricep press targets those triceps, helping you achieve toned arms.

Jump Squats and Squats Get ready to jump! Jump squats will get your heart pumping and legs burning. Regular squats will complement the movement, working your glutes and thighs.

Squat Curls and Halos Combine strength and coordination with squat curls, working those biceps and quads. Then, add halos for a full-body challenge that’s just plain fun!

Burpees and Rest Finish strong with everyone’s favorite—burpees! It’s a full-body exercise that’ll push your limits. Afterward, take a well-deserved rest before you conquer the next round!

So, are you up for the challenge? Join us for the “Where’d all the Mikes Go?” Tabata WOD with Coach Shayne. Let’s have fun, get fit, and celebrate our achievements together! See you at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara!