Welcome to Miami

Welcome to Miami” WOD: Where Sweat Meets Sunshine in GRIT Class!

Put on your workout shoes and prepare to groove, because Coach Mike’s “Welcome to Miami” WOD is here to make you sweat and smile! This dynamic routine brings the vibrant energy of Miami’s beaches and the intensity of a GRIT class straight to your workout mat.

Starting with 20 elbows, you’ll fire up your upper body, setting the tone for the challenges ahead. 10 ab rollers follow, engaging your core muscles and building that strong foundation. Then, get those knees up for 20 reps, incorporating cardio bursts that’ll get your heart pumping in no time.

The “Welcome to Miami” theme continues with 10 hip thrusters, working those glutes like you’re strutting your stuff down South Beach. Bring the heat with 20 roundhouse kicks that emphasize your leg strength and flexibility, adding a touch of martial arts flair to your routine.

Of course, we’ve got 10 crunches for a dose of classic core work, and 20 body hooks that’ll make you feel like a boxing champ in the ring. Elevate the challenge with 10 v ups that test your core coordination and strengthen your midsection.

The finale? A trio of exercises, each with 50 reps: kb swings, double unders, and sit ups. Feel the burn in your entire body as you swing, jump, and crunch your way to an exhilarating workout climax.

Join Coach Mike and your GRIT classmates today at 7 pm for the “Welcome to Miami” WOD. It’s not just a workout—it’s an invitation to experience the vibrancy of Miami and the thrill of conquering a challenging routine together.