“Hurricane” WOD: Ride the Storm of Strength and Stamina in GRIT Class!

Batten down the hatches and get ready to weather the “Hurricane” WOD in our exhilarating GRIT class led by the incredible Coach Andrea. This timed AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) session is like riding a storm of strength, power, and endurance that will leave you feeling empowered and accomplished.

The workout kicks off with a squat thrust to KB jump squat combo that engages your whole body from head to toe. Feel the burn and exhilaration as you jump, squat, and thrust your way to a dynamic start.

Then, it’s time to ride the “Hurricane” with a 2-handed face pull swing that targets your upper back, shoulders, and core muscles. This exercise adds an element of intensity, simulating the force of the storm.

Get ready for an alt clean rev lunge to OH press, a sequence that challenges your balance and coordination while building muscle strength. The “Hurricane” keeps you on your toes as you perform squat thrusts to back rows, enhancing your core stability and back muscles.

Experience the intensity of a swing and catch to forward lunge, alternating sides for a balanced burn. Feel the power as you execute a push-up tap on the KB, amplifying your upper body strength.

Join Coach Andrea on Zoom for the “Hurricane” WOD today at 10 am. This workout isn’t just about surviving the storm—it’s about thriving in it, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever. Don’t miss out on this chance to challenge yourself and discover the true force within you.