Warmup 7

Get Fired Up with the “Warmup 7” WOD at GRIT Class

Are you ready to turn up the heat and ignite your workout routine? Join Coach Shayne at our GRIT class today at 12pm for the exhilarating “Warmup 7” WOD. This dynamic workout will get your heart pumping, muscles firing, and leave you feeling energized and accomplished.

The “Warmup 7” WOD is designed to warm you up both physically and mentally. It consists of 90-second intervals that will challenge your endurance, strength, and coordination. Each interval focuses on a different exercise, ensuring that you work your entire body and never get bored.

In the first interval, you’ll hop on the row machine and unleash your power as you row your way to a stronger body. Feel the burn in your arms, legs, and core as you engage multiple muscle groups and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Next, it’s time to unleash your punches on the bags. Release any stress or tension as you deliver powerful strikes and let your inner warrior shine. This interval will boost your cardiovascular endurance, enhance your coordination, and strengthen your upper body.

But we’re just getting warmed up! The third interval combines sit-ups and push-ups for a killer core and upper body workout. Feel your abs and chest muscles working together as you perform each rep with precision and control. This interval will help you build a strong foundation and improve your overall strength.

In the fourth and final interval, it’s time to get your heart rate up with jacks and squat thrusts. Jump, squat, and thrust your way to a full-body burn. This interval will challenge your lower body strength, improve your explosive power, and increase your overall fitness level.

Throughout the “Warmup 7” WOD, Coach Shayne will provide guidance, modifications, and encouragement to ensure that everyone can participate and push their limits. The supportive and energetic atmosphere of our GRIT class will keep you motivated and inspired to give your all.

Join us today at the Academy of Self Defense and experience the thrill of the “Warmup 7” WOD. It’s time to unleash your inner strength, push past your limits, and have a blast while getting fit. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your workout routine to new heights. Sign up now and let’s make today a day to remember!