Tomato Tabata

Get Juicy with the “Tomato Tabata” WOD

Welcome to a workout that’s ripe for the picking—introducing the “Tomato Tabata” WOD, a fresh and zesty way to spice up your fitness routine! Hosted by the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, this workout is a vibrant addition to our GRIT fitness program, known for its dynamic blend of strength, endurance, and agility in a group fitness class setting. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced fitness enthusiast looking to add some flavor to your workout regimen, “Tomato Tabata” offers a delicious challenge for all levels.

Tabata training is renowned for its efficiency and effectiveness, involving short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by brief rest periods. This method is perfect for those looking to maximize their workout in minimal time. Ready to take a bite? Let’s dive into the juicy details of the “Tomato Tabata” WOD.

Savor the “Tomato Tabata” Workout

This tantalizing Tabata workout consists of several high-intensity intervals, combining kettlebell moves with bodyweight exercises to engage your entire body. Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • KB Swing + Hike: This combo warms you up with a full-body kettlebell swing, then transitions into a hike pass for an extra core challenge.
  • Lateral Ski Hops: Mimic the motion of a skier for a cardio blast that also sharpens your agility and balance.
  • KB Around the World: Circle the kettlebell around your body to improve core stability and shoulder mobility.
  • Plank Kickouts: From a plank position, kick out each leg to the side to target your abs, obliques, and shoulders.
  • Double KB Cleans: A powerful move that engages your legs, hips, back, and shoulders, enhancing your explosive power.
  • Straight Punches: Finish strong with a flurry of punches to boost your cardio and upper body strength.

How to Enjoy Your “Tomato Tabata”

  • Warm-Up: Get your heart rate up and muscles warmed with dynamic stretches and light cardio.
  • Focus on Form: Quality over quantity. Ensure your movements are precise, especially with the kettlebell exercises.
  • Hydrate: Keep water nearby. Tabata training is intense, and staying hydrated is key to keeping your performance at its peak.
  • Cool Down: After the intensity, gently bring your heart rate down with stretching or a slow walk. Focus on deep breathing to aid recovery.
  • Have Fun: The best part about “Tomato Tabata”? It’s fun! Enjoy the variety and challenge yourself to keep improving.

Join the Feast

If “Tomato Tabata” sounds like the kind of workout you want to sink your teeth into, join us at the Academy of Self Defense. Our group fitness classes in Santa Clara are designed to welcome participants of all levels in a supportive, motivating environment. Sign up for a free trial class and learn more about our GRIT program and other fitness offerings at

“Tomato Tabata” is more than just a workout; it’s a celebration of strength, agility, and community. Bite into your fitness goals with us and discover how satisfying a workout can be. Are you ready to get juicy?