The Chief

Tackle ‘The Chief’: A Dual Challenge Waiting to Unleash Your Potential!

Hey fitness enthusiasts!

Ever had those moments where you wonder if you’re pushing your limits enough? Well, ‘The Chief’ is here to challenge you and answer that very question! This unique workout of the day (WOD) is designed to test both your stamina and strength, but more importantly, it’s all about having a good time while breaking a sweat.

Two Challenges, One Session! Firstly, we have a 5-round blitz with a 3-minute AMRAP:

  • From invigorating Power Cleans to classic Push-Ups and dynamic Air Squats, you’re going to be moving non-stop, pushing past boundaries with every repetition.

But that’s not all! After a brief, well-deserved rest, brace yourself for a 9-minute AMRAP. Dive into electrifying USA KB Swings, engaging Medicine Ball Sit-Ups, and finish with the all-rounder – the Clusters.

Leading us on this adventurous fitness journey is the one and only Coach Serra. Known for her motivating spirit and detailed guidance, she’s set to make ‘The Chief’ a memorable workout experience for everyone.

Located at the well-renowned Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, Ca, we pride ourselves on making each workout session a unique blend of fun and fitness. So, mark your calendar, prep your workout attire, and gear up for ‘The Chief’!

Join us today at 7 pm. Let’s face this challenge together and have a blast doing it!