Last Caress

Rock Your Fitness with ‘Last Caress’: A Misfit-Inspired Challenge!

Hey there, fitness rebels!

You’ve got your workout playlists, and then you’ve got that one song that just ignites that fire within, making every squat and burpee feel like a rock concert. For us, it’s the iconic ‘Last Caress’ by Misfits! And guess what? We’ve turned that pulsating beat into a workout that you won’t forget.

30 Rounds, You Say? Oh, Yes, We Did! You read that right. 30 electrifying rounds for time (RFT) that’ll channel your inner rockstar:

  • Amp up with 5 Thrusters.
  • Jam out with 5 Racked Squats.
  • Dive into the mosh pit with 5 Burpees over your KB.

And who better to lead this rockin’ session than our very own Coach Serra? She’s all set to guide you through each beat, each move, ensuring that by the end, you’ll not only have broken a sweat but also rocked out like never before.

We’re jamming at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, Ca. A place where fitness meets fun, and every session feels like an encore. So grab your workout gear, and let’s make some noise, Misfits-style!

Catch us today at 12 pm. It’s not just a workout; it’s a concert where you’re the star!