Ocean Avenue

Catch the Wave with the ‘Ocean Avenue’ WOD at the Academy of Self Defense!

Hey, Santa Clara fitness fans!

Picture this: A workout that makes you feel like you’re riding the waves off Ocean Avenue. That’s the vibe we’re channeling with today’s WOD. It’s time to dive into “Ocean Avenue”, a fitness journey that combines strength, agility, and the sheer thrill of a challenge.

Your Fitness Itinerary on ‘Ocean Avenue’:

  • Begin with 12 pull-ups to lift your spirits and your body.
  • Flow into 33 side crunches to carve out those core muscles.
  • Amp up the intensity with 50 power punches – because who doesn’t love feeling like a champion boxer?
  • Squat it out with 10 goblet squats, feeling the power in your legs.
  • Balance and precision come into play with 20 roundhouse kicks on each leg.
  • Get down and gritty with 25 knuckle push-ups.
  • And let’s not forget the fun of 10 4 punch and sprawls combined with 50 double unders for that extra cardio push.

And who’s the captain of this ship? None other than Coach Mike! His expertise and enthusiasm are like a lighthouse guiding ships; he’ll be your beacon through every set and rep.

So, are you ready to make a splash? We’re kicking things off today at 7 pm at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, Ca. Join us to push past the ordinary and ride the extraordinary wave of fitness!