Talk Turkey to Me

Gobble Up Fitness with ‘Talk Turkey to Me’ EMOM WOD!

Good morning, Santa Clara!

Thanksgiving’s around the corner, and we’re bringing the festive spirit to your workout with “Talk Turkey to Me” WOD. This EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) routine is all about combining strength, agility, and a dash of holiday cheer.

Here’s Your Turkey Day Fitness Feast:

  • Thruster to Clean and Press: A two-part exercise that’s as satisfying as your favorite Thanksgiving dish. You’ll perform 9 reps, then 6, 3, and finally 1, twice over.
  • Push-Up to Swing: Just when you thought you’d caught your breath, this combo will keep your energy high and muscles engaged.

And who better to guide you through this festive fitness feast than Coach Andrea? Her expertise, mixed with a bit of holiday magic, will keep you motivated and moving, even through Zoom.

So, grab your water bottle (and maybe a turkey leg for post-workout), and join us at 10 am. Let’s make ‘Talk Turkey to Me’ a new Thanksgiving tradition – where we sweat before we feast!