Whiskey WOD #35: Who’s Dog Is This?

Unleash Your Inner Beast with ‘Whiskey WOD #35: Who’s Dog Is This?’

Hey Santa Clara fitness pack!

Are you ready to run with the big dogs in today’s workout? “Whiskey WOD #35: Who’s Dog Is This?” is not just a workout; it’s an adventurous romp through a variety of challenging, fun, and slightly quirky exercises.

Here’s Your Fitness Fetch List:

  • Kick off with a Bear Claw Punch Lap – it’s part growl, part grace.
  • Move into 2 Turkish Get-Ups, a classic move with a twist of coordination and strength.
  • Then, pounce into 3 Long Jump Burpees, because why jump small when you can jump long?
  • Tackle 4 Glover Sprawls to keep your agility on its toes (or paws).
  • Roll into action with 5 Forward Rolls into a 4 Strike Combo – a smooth blend of mobility and power.
  • Sit (but not stay!) with 6 Wall-Sit Overhead Taps to fire up those quads.
  • 7 Kneeling Knee-Tuck Leg Presses on each side will challenge your balance and core.
  • Leap into 8 Jump Lunges for a burst of explosive energy.
  • Twist and turn with 9 Dead Roach Rotations – as challenging as they are amusing.
  • And finish with a howl of victory with 10 Head Kicks on each leg.

Coach James is the alpha leading today’s pack. His expertise and encouragement will push you through each round, ensuring you’re not just going through the motions but mastering them.

So, join the pack today at 12 pm at the Academy of Self Defense. Let’s howl, hustle, and head-kick our way to a fitter, stronger, and more agile version of ourselves!