EMOM 1:30

Redefine Your Limits with the ‘EMOM 1:30’ WOD!

Hello, Santa Clara’s vibrant fitness community!

Are you ready to shake up your evening routine? The ‘EMOM 1:30’ WOD is here, and it’s nothing short of a fitness puzzle waiting to be solved. Led by the dynamic Coach Serra, this workout is a rollercoaster of movements, each minute bringing a new challenge.

Decoding the EMOM Madness:

  • Start each round with a movement from the buy-in bank, ranging from 25 Jumping Jacks to 5 Surrenders. It’s like picking your flavor of fun before diving into the main course.
  • The sequences like A1 (1-2-3-2) and B2 (1-1-2-4) are more than just numbers; they’re a rhythmic dance of exercises that test your agility, strength, and endurance.
  • With moves like C3 (1-2-5-6) and D4 (6-3-2 Move 2), you’ll feel like a fitness composer orchestrating a symphony of squats, lunges, and punches.
  • The final touch, E5 (1-3-6-1-2), is the crescendo that wraps up this musical of muscles.

But fear not! Coach Serra is the maestro of this fitness symphony, guiding you through each set with the enthusiasm and expertise that make the challenge wholly enjoyable.

Join us at 7 pm today at the Academy of Self Defense for a workout that’s as unpredictable as it is fun. Let’s turn this regular evening into an extraordinary fitness fiesta!