Cupid Shuffle 7.1

Slide into Fitness with the ‘CUPID SHUFFLE 7.1’ WOD!

Hello Santa Clara fitness enthusiasts!

Today, we’re not just stepping into fitness; we’re shuffling! The “CUPID SHUFFLE 7.1” WOD is here, and it’s ready to add a beat to your workout routine. This high-energy session is all about rhythm, power, and a touch of fun.

Here’s Your Dance Card:

  • Start with 20 Box Jumps to get your heart leaping.
  • Move into 20 OH Walking Lunges, adding some flair to your stride.
  • Dive into 20 4 Punch Sprawls for a combo of cardio and coordination.
  • Embrace the strength with 20 Goblet Squats.
  • Push through with 20 Hip Thrusters for that extra burn.
  • Keep the tempo with 20 V-Ups to sculpt those abs.
  • And finally, skip into joy with 100 Jump Ropes – because what’s a shuffle without some hops?

And who better to lead this dance than Coach Ilya? With his guidance, you’ll be moving, grooving, and improving with every rep.

So, lace up your sneakers for a 10 am session at the Academy of Self Defense. Let’s turn our workout into a dance floor where fitness goals are met with a smile!