Getting Hitched

Tie the Knot with Fitness: ‘Getting Hitched’ WOD!

Hey Santa Clara Fitness Community!

Are you ready to commit to a workout that’s just as exhilarating as saying “I do”? Then, it’s time to get ‘Getting Hitched’ on your fitness agenda! This WOD is like a marriage of strength, endurance, and sheer grit.

Your Workout Vows:

  • Begin with a 100 punch buy-in. It’s like the grand entrance at the ceremony.
  • Glide into 50 roundhouse kicks. Each kick is a promise of more power and agility.
  • Step into 40 plank kickouts for a ‘till fatigue do us part’ kind of commitment.
  • 30 sprawls will have you embracing the intensity like a loving embrace.
  • Don’t forget 20 sit-ups to keep the core of your fitness strong.
  • Seal the deal with another 100 punch buy-out. Yes, you read that right – another 100!
  • Then, it’s time for the reception workout: 10 bicep curls, 10 pull-ups, 10 decline push-ups, and 10 trx tricep extensions, three times over because good things come in threes.

Leading this matrimonial march of muscles is Coach Mike. His enthusiasm and expertise are like the best man’s speech – motivating, challenging, and a little bit surprising.

Join us at 7 pm today at the Academy of Self Defense. Let’s celebrate your fitness journey with a workout that’s memorable, challenging, and filled with moments of triumph.