Turkey Leg & Dressing

Feast on Fitness with the ‘Turkey Leg & Dressing’ WOD!

Hey, Santa Clara fitness enthusiasts!

Today at noon, it’s time to swap your forks for dumbbells and indulge in a feast of a different kind. The “Turkey Leg & Dressing” WOD is on the menu, and it’s packed with all the trimmings of a perfect workout.

Why ‘Turkey Leg & Dressing’? This WOD is about as satisfying as a Thanksgiving dinner, minus the sleepiness afterward. We’re serving up a delicious three-course fitness meal:

  • Start with a tasty trio of Squat/Sprawl/Sit-up.
  • Move on to the hearty main course of Deadlift/Knees/V-up.
  • Then savor the side dishes: Goblet Squat/Power Punches/Reverse Crunch.
  • Don’t forget the complementary flavors of Bent Over Row/Kicks/Hip Thrusters.
  • And finally, a sweet finish with Swings/Wrestler Sit-out/Supermans.

And who’s the master chef of this fitness banquet? Coach Ilya, of course! His expertise in cooking up high-energy, high-impact workouts ensures you’ll leave the table — or in this case, the gym — feeling satisfied and strong.

So, join us today at 12 pm at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, Ca. Bring your appetite for progress and a healthy serving of determination. Let’s make ‘Turkey Leg & Dressing’ the best part of your day!