Black Friday

Skip the Lines, Grab the Weights: ‘Black Friday’ WOD Awaits!

Hey, Santa Clara fitness enthusiasts!

Why spend Black Friday in long lines when you can be lining up kettlebells and dumbbells for a workout that pays off in strength, not just savings? That’s right, our ‘Black Friday’ WOD is all about investing in your fitness, and it’s a deal too good to pass up!

Today’s Shopping List of Exercises:

  • 21-15-9-3 reps of Kb swings, Goblet squats, Push-ups, 4 punch sprawls, and Hip thrusters. This sequence is like finding the best deals – it starts big and gets more thrilling with each round.
  • Then, we switch gears for a 3-5-7-9 rep challenge of Deadlifts, CSP (Clean, Squat, Press), Diamond push-ups, 4 punch + kick, and V-ups. It’s about precision and increasing intensity, much like snagging those last few deals before they’re gone.

And who’s your guide through this shopping spree of sweat? Coach Mike! With his expertise, you’re sure to check off every exercise with the perfect form and unwavering determination.

So, join us at 7 pm today at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara. Let’s trade carts and queues for kettlebells and squats, turning Black Friday into a celebration of fitness gains!