ASD 140

Elevate Your Noon with ‘ASD 140’ AMRAP Madness!

Hello, Santa Clara’s fitness enthusiasts!

It’s time to supercharge your midday routine with a workout that’s equal parts challenging and exhilarating. Welcome to ‘ASD 140’, an AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) session designed to push your limits and ignite your passion for fitness.

Here’s what’s on today’s fitness menu:

  • 20 Swings to start the momentum, each one building more energy than the last.
  • Move into 20 Rows that’ll sculpt your back and arms.
  • 20 Clean & Presses next, because what’s a workout without a little heavy lifting?
  • 20 Snatches to test your coordination and power.
  • Take a leap with 20 Box Jumps – because who doesn’t love a bit of airtime?
  • 20 TRX Pushups for a twist on the classic, challenging every inch of your upper body.
  • Finish off with a fiery combo of 20 4 Punch + 1 Burpee rounds – a true test of your endurance and tenacity.

And who better to lead this fitness feast than Coach Ilya? His boundless energy and expert guidance will keep you motivated and moving.

So, grab your water bottle and meet us at the Academy of Self Defense at 12 pm. Let’s turn this ordinary noon into an extraordinary one with ‘ASD 140’!