‘Til You Drop

Unleash Your Fitness Fierceness with the ‘Til You Drop’ WOD!

Hello to our dedicated fitness family!

Are you ready to dive into a whirlpool of energy, endurance, and excitement? Well, brace yourself because the “’Til You Drop” WOD (Workout of the Day) is here, and it’s about to turn the heat up!

Discover the Rhythms of Intensity:

  • Kickstart the rhythm with High Knees for 10 seconds of cardio rush.
  • Flow into the powerful KB Swings for a solid 20-second performance.
  • Deep dive into OH Squats for 30 seconds, feeling the burn.
  • Alt. B/O Rows up next, flowing for a fabulous 40 seconds.
  • Unleash your energy with a Bag Attack for a fierce 50 seconds.
  • Culminate your journey with Suicide Sprints, running the rhythm for a triumphant 60 seconds.

Guiding you through this rhythm of intensity is the ever-dynamic Coach Serra. With a flair for motivation and a wealth of knowledge, she’s here to make sure every second you spend in the WOD is not just a workout but a celebration of your strength and determination.

Join us at the heart of Santa Clara, Ca, at the Academy of Self Defense, today at 12 pm. Let’s embrace the challenge, feel the rhythm of fitness, and drop nothing but sweat and limits!