Delta 1.2

Elevate Your Morning with the Dynamic ‘DELTA 1.2’ WOD!

Good morning, Santa Clara fitness enthusiasts!

Are you ready to kickstart your day with a burst of energy? ‘DELTA 1.2’ is here to do just that. This WOD is not just a workout; it’s a full-body symphony of strength, power, and endurance.

What’s on the ‘DELTA 1.2’ Playbook?

  • Get ready to fire up every muscle with 20 KB Thrusters.
  • Keep the momentum high with 20 Swings – feel the power in each movement.
  • Dive into 20 Rows for a back that’s as strong as it is sculpted.
  • Test your resilience with 20 Knuckle Pushups.
  • Amp up the intensity with 20 4 Punch + 1 Burpee combos – a perfect blend of cardio and strength.
  • Finish with a whopping 40 Power Kicks to leave you feeling unstoppable.

And who’s leading this morning charge? Coach Ilya! With his expertise and motivational spirit, you’ll push past limits you didn’t even know you had.

So, grab your kettlebell and join us at the Academy of Self Defense today at 10 am. Let’s sweat, smile, and start our day with ‘DELTA 1.2’ – where fitness goals turn into achievements.