Delta 1.2

Elevate Your Midday with ‘Delta 1.2’ WOD!

Hey Santa Clara Fitness Warriors!

Are you ready to ramp up your midday energy? Today’s ‘Delta 1.2’ WOD, led by the dynamic Coach Shayne at 12 pm, is set to elevate your workout game. It’s a perfect blend of kettlebell thrills, rowing challenges, and power-packed punches to give your day a much-needed boost.

Here’s What ‘Delta 1.2’ Packs In:

  • Kick off with 20 KB Thrusters to fire up those muscles.
  • Swing into action with 20 KB Swings, perfect for working your whole body.
  • Row, row, row your way through 20 Rows, targeting those back muscles.
  • Get down for 20 Knuckle Push-Ups – a twist on the classic for extra challenge.
  • Dive into 20 4-Punch + Burpee combos for a cardio punch.
  • Finish with a flurry of 40 Power Kicks to leave you feeling invigorated and powerful.

Coach Shayne’s expertise and motivating spirit make ‘Delta 1.2’ not just a workout but an experience. Whether you’re looking to spice up your lunch break or just seeking an extra dose of fitness motivation, this session is your ticket to a powerful midday revival.

So, lace up those sneakers and join us at the Academy of Self Defense. Let’s push, pull, punch, and kick our way through ‘Delta 1.2’. Your lunchtime will never be the same again!