Schools in for Miriam

“School’s In for Miriam”: Join Coach Shayne for an Energizing GRIT Workout!

Get ready to sweat, smile, and power up with Coach Shayne’s invigorating GRIT class! The “School’s In for Miriam” WOD is packed with excitement and challenge, designed to make you feel unstoppable.

The first round kicks off with a dynamic combination. Imagine throwing 100 power punches, igniting your energy and releasing stress. Follow it up with 50 squats that will have your legs working and your heart pumping. Double unders add a touch of agility and coordination to the mix. And don’t forget those two laps that will give you a taste of victory!

Moving on to 100 jumping jacks, you’ll feel the exhilaration as you work those arms and legs in sync. 50 knees will have you embracing the burn, and another round of double unders keeps things interesting. Push through those four laps, and you’re already one step closer to achieving your goals!

The final challenge calls for 25 swings, engaging your core and strengthening your arms. Transition into 25 deadlifts, feeling the power of your lower body. 25 jump squats add an explosive touch to the routine, while 25 wrestler sit-outs demand agility and coordination.

With “School’s In for Miriam,” you’re not just working out—you’re embarking on a journey of self-improvement. Coach Shayne’s guidance and the supportive GRIT class environment ensure that every move you make is a step toward achieving your best self.

Join us today at 12 pm for the “School’s In for Miriam” WOD with Coach Shayne. Let’s seize this opportunity to challenge ourselves, have fun, and celebrate our progress together!