No Pressure

Team Up and Tackle ‘NO PRESSURE’ WOD at GRIT Class!

Hello, Santa Clara Fitness Enthusiasts!

Today’s GRIT class at 12 pm with Coach Serra is all about teamwork and variety! We’re excited to introduce the ‘NO PRESSURE’ WOD, a unique workout designed for groups of three. It’s a perfect opportunity to bond, motivate each other, and enjoy a diverse range of exercises spread across four energetic rounds.

Here’s the ‘NO PRESSURE’ Breakdown:

  • A1: 60 Punches: One team member will start with a flurry of punches, setting a dynamic pace.
  • B1: Jump Rope: Another will jump rope, perfect for building stamina and coordination.
  • C1: Plank Hold: The third member holds a plank, strengthening the core.

Once the bag work is done, you’ll rotate, ensuring each member gets to experience every exercise.

  • A2: 60 Kicks: Now switch to powerful kicks for a lower body workout.
  • B2: Burpees: Time for burpees, an all-in-one fitness booster.
  • C2: Side Plank Hold (2 Left/2 Right): Challenge your balance and core stability.

As you rotate through these stations, you’ll not only work on different muscle groups but also encourage and push each other to keep going.

  • A3: 100 Bag Hits: Unleash your energy with a series of bag hits.
  • B3: Goblet Squats: Focus on lower body strength with goblet squats.
  • C3: Hand-Release Push-Ups (HR PU): Finish strong with push-ups that target your upper body.

‘NO PRESSURE’ is more than just a workout; it’s a fun and engaging way to experience fitness in a group setting. Whether you’re here to improve your cardio, strength, or just to have a good time, Coach Serra’s guidance will ensure you get the most out of this session.

So, gather your fitness buddies or join a group at the class, and let’s dive into ‘NO PRESSURE’. It’s time to sweat, laugh, and achieve fitness goals together!