Mike Left Me in Charge

Guess Who’s In Charge Today? The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Awaits!

Hello, fellow fitness warriors!

Oh, boy. Mike’s away, and guess what? He left Coach Johnson in charge of the WOD, and let me tell you, things just got a bit wilder and fun-filled at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, Ca.

The theme today? Kettlebells. We’re talking a mixture of standing sets and kneeling sets that’ll get your muscles working, your heart pumping, and your spirit soaring.

Standing Set: A Progression to Perfection! We start with the basic KB upright row and keep adding elements until we’re literally dancing with the kettlebell. By the time you hit the Swing at the end, you’ve built a symphony of moves that not only boosts strength but also coordination and endurance.

Kneeling Set: It’s All About Angles! Once we’ve conquered standing, we drop down and get into the nitty-gritty of the kneeling set. Whether it’s the precision of the KB Front raises or the dynamic flair of the Atlas toss, each move is designed to challenge you while ensuring you have a blast.

Coach Johnson has curated this WOD with one key principle: Fun meets Functionality. The class is scheduled for today at 7pm. So, grab your favorite kettlebell and join in for a session that promises both chuckles and chiseled muscles.

Let’s rise to Coach Johnson’s challenge and show Mike just how much fun we can have when he’s away. See you there!