Kickin’ It

Kickin’ It with Grit: Unleash Your Inner Warrior!

“You know that invincible sensation you get after a successful workout? The feeling like you can conquer the world? That’s exactly what we aim for at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA.

Join us today at 12 pm for the exhilarating GRIT class, an intense workout that’s all about ‘Kickin’ It’. Led by our seasoned Coach Shayne, be prepared to be amazed by your own strength and endurance.

The GRIT class is no walk in the park. It’s a dynamic fusion of high-intensity kicks designed to test and increase your stamina and power. Don’t worry though, you’re under the expert guidance of Coach Shayne who always knows how to keep things fun and upbeat.

So, lace up those workout shoes, don your gym gear, and get ready to ‘kick it’ with us at the Academy of Self Defense. See you in class!”