RIP WOD: It’s Time to Crush Your Limits!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to pay tribute to one of the most challenging WODs out there – RIP! Coach Serra is ready to lead you through this intense workout, so get ready to give it your all.

Unpacking the RIP WOD:

RIP may sound a bit ominous, but it’s all about pushing your limits and rising above challenges. This workout is short, sweet, and intense. In just 90 seconds per round, you’ll complete the following:

  • 3 Swings: Grab that kettlebell and let’s swing into action.
  • 3 Cleans: Time to clean up your form and your body!
  • 3 Squats: Drop it low and feel the burn.
  • 3 Thrusts: Finish strong with powerful thrusts.

Join the GRIT Class:

  • When: Today at 12 pm
  • Where: The Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA
  • Who: Coach Serra and the amazing GRIT community

Coach Serra’s energy is infectious, and she’ll guide you through RIP with enthusiasm and motivation. Remember, every rep counts, and every round brings you closer to your goals. Don’t miss this chance to challenge yourself and emerge stronger!