Double Threat

Double Threat: Tackling Your Fitness Goals Head-On!

“Feel like testing your mettle today? Then come on down to the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA. We’ve got the perfect blend of thrill and challenge lined up for you, guaranteed to redefine your approach to fitness.

Today at 10 am, we invite you to join Coach Ilya for a session of our signature GRIT class. Aptly named ‘Double Threat’, this WOD is designed to push your limits and boost your strength.

Start with 10 adrenaline-pumping burpees, swiftly followed by 10 sturdy pull-ups. Up next, 100 high-speed jump ropes to kick that heart rate up a notch. Then, test your agility with 10 walk-out push-ups, 10 lateral ski hops, and 10 clean, squat & press reps. Top off this intense sequence with 10 power-packed four square jump squats.

With Coach Ilya’s expert guidance and the uplifting camaraderie of your fellow fitness enthusiasts, you’ll breeze through the Double Threat like a champion. So tie up those laces, grab your water bottle, and head down to the Academy of Self Defense. Let’s create a stronger and determined YOU!”