Livin on the Edge

Livin’ on the Edge” WOD: Where Challenges Meet Fun in GRIT Class!

Have you ever felt like taking your workout to the edge? If so, Coach Mike’s “Livin’ on the Edge” WOD is calling your name! This exhilarating routine is designed to push your limits and leave you feeling empowered.

Kick things off with 10 sledges, an explosive move that targets your core and upper body. The energy keeps flowing as you conquer 10 heart-pounding box jumps, boosting your agility and leg strength. Russian twists add a twist of challenge to your core, setting the stage for what’s to come.

The following set involves 8 clean squat and press repetitions, engaging multiple muscle groups and enhancing your coordination. Feel the burn with 8 bicep curls that sculpt your arms, and then master the art of the 8 suitcase deadlifts for a powerful lower body workout.

Get ready for 20 overhead walking lunges that elevate your heart rate while enhancing your balance. Follow it up with 50 power punches that empower you to unleash your inner strength. And of course, the 1-minute wall sit wraps up the routine, igniting your legs and determination.

“Livin’ on the Edge” isn’t just a workout—it’s an adventure where you challenge yourself, discover new strengths, and celebrate every success. Coach Mike’s guidance and the supportive GRIT class environment create the perfect atmosphere for you to thrive.

Join us today at 7 pm for the “Livin’ on the Edge” WOD with Coach Mike. It’s not just a workout; it’s an opportunity to embrace the challenge, push your boundaries, and come out stronger than ever before.