Ken the Bandit

Challenge Yourself with ‘KEN THE BANDIT’ WOD!

Hello, Santa Clara Fitness Enthusiasts!

Today at 12 pm, we’re taking on ‘KEN THE BANDIT’, a WOD inspired by our very own Ken from the Friday noon GRIT class. Coach Serra is ready to lead this high-intensity, band-centric workout that’s all about speed, strength, and a whole lot of grit. Get ready for three rounds of an AFAP (As Fast As Possible) challenge that will leave you feeling accomplished and energized.

Here’s the ‘KEN THE BANDIT’ Breakdown:

  • 10 Devil’s Snatch: A fiery start to get your heart racing.
  • 20 TRX Bicep Curls: Tone those arms with focused precision.
  • 30 Lat Band Raises: Target those lats for a full upper-body engagement.
  • 40 Band Pull Aparts: Strengthen your back and improve posture.
  • 50 Double Unders (DUs): Skip your way to agility and coordination.
  • 40 Side Crunches: Work those obliques for a well-rounded core.
  • 30 Banded Front Raises: A shoulder sculptor that demands focus.
  • 20 Push-Press: A dynamic move for power and endurance.
  • 10 Wide Hammer Curls: Finish strong with these arm toners.

This workout is designed to push your limits and celebrate the strength within our community, just like Ken does every Friday. Coach Serra’s expert guidance will help you navigate through each exercise with the right form and intensity.

So, are you ready to be a bandit for the day? Lace up, grab your bands, and let’s honor Ken’s spirit with a workout that challenges and exhilarates. It’s time to band together and conquer ‘KEN THE BANDIT’!