Are you ready to test your strength, endurance, and mental fortitude? Join us at the Academy of Self Defense for the Horrible WOD, a challenging workout that will push you to new heights. Don’t let the name fool you; this WOD is all about conquering your own limitations and proving to yourself that you can accomplish anything.

The Horrible WOD is a series of push-ups and punches combined with kicks, designed to work your upper body, core, and lower body simultaneously. It starts with 10 push-ups to warm up your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Then, you’ll unleash a flurry of punches followed by two powerful kicks, engaging your entire body in a dynamic sequence.

As the workout progresses, the number of push-ups decreases while the number of punches and kicks increases. This progressive format challenges your endurance and mental resilience, pushing you to dig deep and find that inner strength to keep going.

Coach Shayne will be there to guide you through every rep and provide motivation when you need it most. His infectious enthusiasm and expert coaching will ensure that you stay focused, maintain proper form, and push through any fatigue or doubt.

Join us today at 12pm and discover what you’re truly capable of. Embrace the challenge of the Horrible WOD, knowing that with each push-up, punch, and kick, you’re one step closer to becoming the best version of yourself.