1776 Grit

Are you ready to celebrate Independence Day in a unique and empowering way? Look no further than the Academy of Self Defense’s special 1776 WOD. Led by the energetic Coach Mike, this workout pays tribute to the spirit of freedom and resilience that defines our nation.

The 1776 WOD is designed to challenge your strength, endurance, and mental fortitude. Get ready for a combination of exercises that will push you to new heights. It all begins with 231 single unders, testing your coordination and cardiovascular fitness.

Next up, grab a kettlebell for 60 swings, engaging your posterior chain and building strength in your hips and core. The push press follows with 51 reps, targeting your shoulders and upper body. Feel the burn in your arms as you press the barbell overhead.

Take a moment to catch your breath and transition into 40 sit-ups, working your abdominal muscles and core stability. Then, it’s time for 31 OH walking lunges, challenging your balance and leg strength as you hold a weight overhead.

Prepare to test your upper body strength with 20 pull-ups, feeling the muscles in your back and arms working hard. And finally, finish strong with 11 burpees, a full-body exercise that will get your heart pumping and leave you feeling accomplished.

Join Coach Mike and the Academy of Self Defense community for this special Independence Day workout. It’s a chance to come together, celebrate our freedom, and push ourselves to new limits. Modify the exercises as needed and listen to your body, knowing that each rep is a testament to your determination and resilience.