Honey Bunches

The ‘Honey Bunches’ Workout: A Sweet Dive into Intense Fitness!

Hello fitness fam!

There are morning cereals and then there’s our kind of “Honey Bunches.” Swap your breakfast bowls for a fitness routine that’s just as sweet but, oh, so much more exhilarating! Presenting our latest WOD at the Academy of Self Defense – “Honey Bunches.”

A Peek Inside “Honey Bunches”:

This workout is layered like your favorite parfait:

5×5 IN: A warm, hearty welcome with exercises like hanging knee crunch, eccentric push-ups, Gakk squats, and, of course, everyone’s love-hate relationship, burpees.

EMOMs: Ah, the crunchy core!

  • 8′ with KB racked squats and kneeling thrusters.
  • 7′ of wall balls (10, to be precise) followed by a rapid 20 mountain climbers.
  • 6′ featuring kettlebell swings, power punches, and power kicks to make you feel unstoppable.

5×5 OUT: Winding down but not letting up with a repeat of our introductory exercises.

And guess who’s guiding you through this fitness feast? The exceptional Coach Serra. Her unique blend of motivation, expertise, and infectious energy makes every session a memorable experience.

The Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA, has always been a hub for innovating classic routines and introducing fresh ones. And “Honey Bunches” is a testament to that commitment. It’s more than just punches and kicks; it’s about sculpting a stronger, more resilient you.

So, put on your workout gear, and let’s create some fitness magic. Oh, and remember, while it might sound sweet, “Honey Bunches” promises to be a sweat-dripping, heart-pounding affair.

Catch you all at noon!