San Jose

San Jose Challenge: Dive Deep into Fitness at the Academy of Self Defense!

Hey, Santa Clara’s vibrant fitness community!

Are you in the mood for a challenge? How about one named after the heart of Silicon Valley itself? Introducing the “San Jose” WOD (Workout of the Day) – a sequence designed to test your stamina, strength, and spirit.

Picture this: An exhilarating descending ladder of reps. Starting with 10 and working your way down to 2. You’ll begin with the dynamic energy of box jumps, followed by the challenging renegade rows that engage your core and arms. Then, get ready to sculpt those obliques with some crunches, and just when you think you can take a breath, the Vato comes in with a 4-punch sprawl finished with a head kick that screams intensity. And as if that isn’t enough, dips, air squats, and TRX pistol squats await to round off this power-packed routine.

Why “San Jose,” you ask? Just like our bustling city, this WOD embodies variety, resilience, and energy. And the best part? You won’t be embarking on this fitness journey alone. Coach Mike, a stalwart of motivation and technique, will be there guiding you every step of the way. With his expertise, not only will you tackle each move, but you’ll have a blast doing it!

So, lace up your favorite workout shoes, and let’s meet at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara at 7 pm sharp. Together, let’s take on the “San Jose” challenge and champion our fitness goals!