Ground Fighter

Are you ready to become a Ground Fighter? Get ready to be put to the test with this challenging WOD. Ground Fighter is an AMRAP workout that will push you to your limits. With a time limit of 30 minutes, you’ll have to work as fast and as efficiently as you can to get through the exercises.

The exercises included in this WOD are a mixture of strength and cardio, which makes for a full-body workout. From wrestler sitouts to knuckle push-ups, you’ll work every muscle in your body. The Guard punches and Ground & Pound strikes will help improve your hand-eye coordination and overall fighting skills. And if you thought the workout was over after the sit-ups, think again! The squat thrusts and ninja jumps will have your heart racing to the finish line.

So, if you’re looking to push yourself to the limit, sign up for the Ground Fighter WOD today. Who knows, you might just surprise yourself with what you’re capable of!