Meet Heidi: Your Next Fitness Milestone at the Academy of Self Defense!

Hey, Santa Clara warriors!

Are you ready to meet “Heidi”? No, she’s not the new coach on the block – she’s your next fitness milestone! “Heidi” is the name of our latest Workout of the Day (WOD), and she’s a mix of gusto, grit, and a whole lot of kettlebell swings.

Let’s Break Down ‘Heidi’:

  • Begin with 50 KB Swings to get your heart rate soaring and muscles firing.
  • Follow it up with 100 punches to let your inner fighter shine, not once, but three times over!
  • Then, switch gears with 8 guard punches to keep your energy high and defenses higher.
  • Drop it low with 12 goblet squats for that deep burn.
  • Push the boundaries with 8 decline pushups to elevate your upper-body game.
  • Pull it back with 12 TRX rows for a back that won’t back down.
  • And finish strong with 20 hip thrusters to power through with glutes of glory.

And who’s leading this charge? The indomitable Coach Mike, ready to push you through the reps and sets with enthusiasm that’s just as tough and encouraging as the workout itself.

So, tie those laces tight for a 7 pm showdown at the Academy of Self Defense. Heidi may not be easy, but she’s worth every drop of sweat. Are you ready to say hello?