Take a Fitness Journey to ‘Paris’ Without Leaving Santa Clara!

Bonjour, fitness enthusiasts!

Imagine a workout that transports you to the City of Light — welcome to the “Paris” WOD! It’s a sophisticated blend of strength, endurance, and pure joie de vivre, all wrapped up in one invigorating session at the Academy of Self Defense.

Why ‘Paris’, you ask? Just like the enchanting city, this workout is about the beauty of strength and the charm of pushing yourself to new limits:

  • 12 Bent over rows to build a back as strong as the foundation of the Eiffel Tower.
  • 10 Dips to tone your arms, making them ready for a triumphant raise at the Arc de Triomphe.
  • 20 Hip thrusters to power up your glutes as if you’re marching down the Champs-Élysées.
  • A quick round of 100 punches to channel your inner French boxer.
  • 20 Accordion crunches to craft a core as impressive as the Louvre Pyramid.
  • 8 kb thrusters to lift your spirits as high as Montmartre.
  • And a 45-second assault bike sprint to breeze through like a gust of wind over the Seine.

And who’s our guide through this Parisian escapade? The one and only Coach Mike! His expertise is your passport to a workout that’s both a challenge and a celebration.

So, join us today at 7 pm, because the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara is the next best thing to a Parisian fitness retreat. Let’s say “au revoir” to the same old routine and “bonjour” to something extraordinary!