Get a GRip

Climb the Ladder of Strength with ‘Get a Grip’!

Hello, grip-getters of Santa Clara!

Are you ready to hang tough and swing high? Tonight’s “Get a Grip” WOD is your chance to do just that. This routine is a gripping ladder of reps that descends from 50 down to 10, and it’s all about pulling, hanging, and swinging your way to peak fitness.

Here’s what you’ll be gripping onto:

  • Start the ascent with Pull-Ups/TRX Rows, where you’ll grip your way to a stronger back and biceps.
  • Transition into Hang-Cleans for a full-body pull that challenges your hold on the barbell.
  • Finally, swing into American KB Swings for a grip that’s as strong as your will.

But the real secret to getting a grip? Coach Serra. With her encouragement, you’ll find the strength in your hands is only matched by the determination in your heart.

So, join us at the Academy of Self Defense at 7 pm today. Whether you’re hanging from a bar or gripping a kettlebell, tonight we grip, we rip, and we rise together!