Trouble Unders

Skip into Shape with ‘Trouble Unders’ at Today’s GRIT Class!

Hey Santa Clara,

Today’s workout is a jumprope jubilee with a kettlebell twist! Welcome to “Trouble Unders”, where we’re combining the finesse of double unders with the might of kettlebells. It’s a recipe for a full-body tune-up that will have your heart singing and your muscles zinging!

Here’s what we’re skipping into:

  • Kick off with 100 Double Unders (or 200 singles if you’re doubling the fun the old-fashioned way).
  • Move into 20 KB Walking Lunges that’ll have your legs talking.
  • Up next, 20 KB Push Presses to build power from your shoulders to your fingertips.
  • Midway through, hit another 60 Double Unders to keep the rhythm alive.
  • Follow it up with 20 KB SUs to make sure every part of you is awake.
  • Then, 40 Double Unders because, why not?
  • Push through with 20 KB Burpees – because what’s a workout without burpees?
  • And finish with a sweet 20 Double Unders for that final sprint to the finish line.

And the best part? Coach Serra will be your jump-rope maestro, guiding you with the energy and encouragement you need to make it through.

So, grab your rope, your kettlebell, and your gusto, and join us today at 12 pm at the Academy of Self Defense. It’s time to double down on those doubles!